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West Bengal State Food Processing & Horticulture Development Corporation Limited is a company wholly owned by the Government of West Bengal under the administrative control of the Department of Food Processing Industries & Horticulture. The Company was originally established in 1986 but it has been given a new facelift in 1993. The Corporation is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of 12 members in which the MIC of the Department is Chairman and the Principal Secretary, the Managing Director and some experts are members.

Major objectives :

1. To carry on the business of production/manufacture, processing, storing and marketing of all varieties of fresh fruits, fruit products, fruit plants, fresh vegetables and vegetable seeds including hybrids as well as spices and such other products.

2. To set up and commercially manage large-scale orchards, horticulture and vegetable farms for production of fruits, vegetables and seeds.

3. To set up and commercially manage processing and production units for production of various types of processed food items and spices.

4. To encourage and develop farming.

5. To develop tie-ups with established and specialized Companies for production, processing and marketing of fresh fruits, fruit products, vegetables and hybrid seeds for promotion of Joint Venture.

6. To promote research and development on horticulture and related matters.

7. To set up and commercially manage flower markets to encourage production and sale of flowers.

8. To distribute seeds and plants to the farmers with the help of the Govt. and Panchayats.

9. To undertake civil constructions in Horticulture and Seeds Farms.
Since its facelift in 1993, the Corporation has gone a long way in expanding its activities. Starting from cultivation to export, it has diversified its activities to make it a highly competitive commercial organization, keeping pace with the changing time. Along with its commercial activities, it also undertakes development work under the direction and guidance of the Department of Food Processing & Horticulture, Govt. of West Bengal. From a 1-lakh Turnover Company, it has now grown to be 6-crore turnover organization

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