Cabbage IPSHA 1

This is an ealy hybrid and good for intercropping in sugarcane.

Cabbage IPSHA 2

It has wrinkled leaves with good taste. Dark green outer leaves & a dense interior structure. Recommended for close spacing approximately 62,500 plants per hectare. It is healthy with very good disease tolerance.

Cabbage IPSHA 3

Very durable hybrid, it can give head in all seasons. It has 5 to 6 outer leaves and good for long transport

Cabbage IPSHA 4

It is used for salad decoration. It gives attractive dark red colour heads which are very compact


Carrot IPSHA 1

It is a nantes type, very high yielding variety having soft edible core. It gives long carrots with vigorous upright growing leaves. It has got good taste.

Carrot IPSHA 2

It is having edible core and is good for slicing, having good yeild potentiality, dry matter content is 9 to 12%.


Coriander IPSHA 1

It has got broad leaves, nice aroma and it is tolerant to bolting. It gives multiple cuttings.


Chilly IPSHA 1

It has thin skin, good for local market as well as for dry purpose.

Chilly IPSHA 2

It has a thin skin so it is good for dry chilly as well as good for fresh market.

Chilly IPSHA 3

It has thin skin so can also be used for dry purpose.

Chilly IPSHA 4

It has thin skin and is excellent for dry chilly.


Brinjal IPSHA 1

Manjrigota type hybrid having attractive fruits. High yielding.

Brinjal IPSHA 2

This is very high yielding hybrid. Bearing is in clusters. Fruits are small, attractive, having high yeild potentiality.

Leek Lincoln & Bitter Gourd

Leek Lincoln IPSHA 1

It is suitable for Rabi season planting and the cultural tips are same as for onions. Recommended for planting on raised beds, so eaiser for harvesting. It is used for soups and in chinese and continental curries.

Bitter Gourd IPSHA 1

It is very productive, medium early and fruits are attractive.


Bhendi IPSHA 1

Tolerant to yellow vein mosaic virus. It has good fruiting, which starts from bottom & has short internode distance. It gives smooth marketable fruits.

Bhendi IPSHA 2

Tolerant to yellow vein mosaic virus. It is very high yielding having short internode distance. It has got 3 to 4 side branches.


Tomato IPSHA 1

Cherry tomato bears 20-25 fruits per cluster. Very high yielding.

Tomato IPSHA 2

High yielding good for fresh market. Slightly sour in taste.

Tomato IPSHA 3

This is tolerant to nematodes and good for fresh market.


Capsicum IPSHA 1

This type of capsicum produces blocky dark green attractive fruits with thick and juicy flesh. 3 to 4 lobs weighing 200 gms. Life can withstand lomg distance shipping.

Capsicum IPSHA 2

This is an excellent hybrid with more vigorous plant growth and ability to get fruits in wide range of temperatures. Fruits are dark green, bell shaped with thick walls of 4 to 5 mm weighing about 200 gms.

Capsicum IPSHA 1

This is a highly productive hybrid. Fruits are medium to large 4 lobed with thick wall fruits weighing about 200 to 250 gms. Dark green fruits turn to golden yellow on maturity.

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